Thanks so much for visiting my website, I wanted to give you a quick “digital handshake”… my name is John Westbrook  and that’s me in the image to the left.

I created this website because I came across (and used) tons of workout programs available online, but none of them were designed for people like us.

They were too long, too extreme and required using way too much weight, and I also kept hearing about “new” programs from friends of mine that ended up giving them no results and ultimately causing injury.

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About Us

About Us -

When I discovered how Steve and Becky took everything they learned from literally a century in the iron game and put it into this easy-to-use system, I was hooked, I had a hunch that this system was going to be different, and Man-O-Man was I ever right!

I know you’re going to love how simple it is to follow the F4X system and my hope for you is that you’ll see your body change in as little as a few weeks so you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud that you chose the Old School New Body as your go to advisor when it comes to your body transformation journey!

Make sure you head on over to my Old School New Body Review where you’ll get access to the entire F4X program + bonuses so you can start transforming your body in record time

If you have any questions whatsoever, you can contact me personally and I will do whatever I can to help you out.


Exercise is extremely important when it comes to losing fat and reshaping your body. However this doesn’t mean you should neglect your diet, but don't worry, you'll learn all you need to know when you invest in Old School New Body F4X... In the mean time check out read my #1 diet tip of all time, if you implement this one simple change into your daily diet I guarantee you will begin to see immediate results.

~ Stay Fit!