Does the Old School New Body Program Really Work?

This article will guide you through the truths of the ‘Old School New Body’ workout. It will clarify questions and allow you to further understand what precisely Old School New Body is and if it can help you. This article is for those who are serious about losing weight and feeling young again.  

Are you ready to get fit, lose fat, and/or build some muscle? Then keep reading.

What Can You Expect to Learn From This Article? 

It’s important to me that you truly understand Old School New Body in order to determine whether it’s truly the right choice for you or not. So though this read is lengthy, rest assure that it’s all information you’ll find handy. Here are some bullets that provide a brief overview of what you’ll be learning in this article. 

  • Who created Old School New Body? 
  • What is this program? 
  • What you can expect?
  • Equipment needed 
  • Pros and Cons of the program 
  • Benefits of the program

Where Have We Gone Wrong? 

No matter what age you are, time is limited, and it can be one of the most strenuous parts of committing to a workout. We have families to take care of, work to attend to, chores and errands...there’s just too much in one day, and sometimes, even a small frame of time is hard to set aside.

Finding a program that doesn't take up a ton of time is the answer, but does that exist? A lot of the programs out there make empty promises and deliver less than what you’d expect!

You need a plan that is simple, adjustable, and just flat out works.

​The truth is though, you still need to be committed! 

One problem you face is finding a program that really does what it claims, and is truly designed to help you rather than simply empty your pockets and steal your time. That is no comparison to the largest problem people face when searching for a real, working program. You need to be committed to the program, to follow the guidelines set, to take advantage of the recommendations. Reality is, how are you ever going to get anywhere standing in place? Making moves is your first step to finding out what truly works for you!
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First off, let me just say I’m not a personal trainer or some nutrition or fitness guru. Nope, I’m just an average guy who enjoys going to  
​the gym, eating a healthy diet and staying in shape.

Much like yourself, I was also looking for reviews on Steve and Becky Holman's Old School New Body   fitness program in hopes of finding someone who actually followed the program and was willing to share their results.

After a great deal of searching I did finally come across a review from a guy who had bought it and followed the entire program, and it was his honest review that finally convinced me to buy it myself.

Since I enjoy blogging in my spare time I figured why not write my own Old School New Body Review  and maybe I'll be able to help others who are also wondering whether or not this program is worth buying... So here it is!

~ Enjoy!

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Beware of those Over-Hyped Diet Fads and Fitness Programs that Promise You Massive Gains and Dramatic Weight Loss Almost Overnight....

...The Good News is Old School New Body is Different and it Flat Out Works! 
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Old School New Body Review:

Don't Buy Something If You’re Not Serious About It...

It’s important to understand how much buying something you’ll never truly make use of takes a negative toll on you and your goals. If you’re wasting money and energy purchasing programs that you’ll rarely pay attention to, then there is no program that can help you, no matter how far and wide you search. You must be committed to making the change, and you shouldn’t expect it to magically happen. 

If you’re truly serious about making changes to your lifestyle, becoming healthier, fit, and working out, then you’ve arrived at the right place. You 
From a Guy Who Bought the Program and Put it to Work!

Old School New Body Review

can truly benefit from this program if you put the commitment into it, but before we get started, let’s check out the people behind the program, because their work and dedication is just as important as yours.

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Who’s Behind the Curtain...erm, Program?

The Author – Steve Holman (more than 27 years of experience in fitness)

You’ve probably heard of Steve Holman if you’ve been up to date with the fitness industry. However, if you haven’t, Holman has been in the bodybuilding industry, specifically, for several years. He’s very well known for his remarkable physique as well as his impeccable knowledge about fitness. He’s over 50 years old, and yet the former Iron Man Magazine Editor in chief seems to be in his best shape so far!

Steve Holman remains a credible source to this day, bringing real-world extensive knowledge and experience upfront, showing a true understanding of nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness. 

The Co-Author – Becky Holman (more than 10 years of experience)

The program is not truly reliable without a female’s perspective and input. A lot of the programs today seem to be aimed at specific genders, helping shape and tone areas of the body, and yet it’s as if both men and women can’t take part in the journey. Old School New Body proves to be helpful and reliable, truly designed for both genders to make use of.

Mrs. Holman is Steve’s wife, and bringing both of their experience to the table proves to add a pristine polish to the program. They are living proof that the program can work wonders if you decide to dedicate time and effort to see yourself through. You are in charge of your outcome, so why not choose to take an advantage of it?

What is the Program About? 

Old School New Body helps people build their ideal body no matter their age or gender. Though this program seems to target people over 30, it is proven to help anyone who is willing to put their time into it. If you’re serious about getting into shape, this F4X workout methodology can work for you! This F4X workout method helps you enhance your youth, burning fat and building muscle; you become fit by shaping your body regardless of gender. I bet you’re thinking: “All workouts do that though, aren't they all the same?”
No, not all workouts are the same!

Not all methods are created equally, and not all methods can benefit you no matter who you are. A lot of methods are created for a specific set of individuals. 

The F4X System: Does it Turn Fat Into Muscle?

It’s easy to see why someone would believe this, but the truth is, it does not. You cannot “turn” fat into muscle. If you go to your local gym, you’re likely to see two groups in action. One of them are fumbling with light weights, resting often, and seem to get little work done. The other group is pushing themselves to extremes, lifting very heavy weights, stressing out their bodies, and causing potential for probable short-term and long-term injuries.

 The F4X method that is used within the workouts by Old School New Body find a medium between the two, balancing moderate weights rather than too light or too heavy. The method also calls for short rest periods between sets, which supposedly releases more growth hormones.

By using this method, fat loss and anti-aging effects take place, and muscle building is triggered. The growth hormone tends to decrease with age, so suggesting that it’s able to be released, is a large step forward in fitness. This explains why a lot of people over 30 fail to see results like they would’ve in their 20s, they just aren’t working out correctly. 

This is where Old School New Body is different. By using the F4X methodology, a surge of growth hormone is released, which helps you perform at your best, as well as build that lean muscle and gain that youthful enhancement. 

How Does the Method Work? 

The method is laid out to be fairly easy to follow.  

For any exercise that includes weights, you’ll want to follow these simple “rules”.

  • Pick a weight that you’ll be able to lift 15 times with good form. . 
  • Perform only 10 reps for the first set.
  • Make use of your resting period. Approximately 35 seconds.
  • Perform 10 more reps. 
  • Repeat this for all sets (usually 4) 
  • On your last set, go all-out, perform as many reps as you can until you lose good form.

This sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Well, in short, it is. However, after the first few sets, you begin to feel fatigue set in. You’ll begin to struggle, ache, and burn. You will feel short of breath, causing you to breathe more rapidly. This will increase the cardio affect, and blood will begin to rush to your muscles. 

Using this method, you will work out your muscles, training them to become more effective when it comes to muscle building and fat burning. This is what “turning” fat into muscle essentially is, however that is not the correct way to describe it. In reality, you’re consuming fat as the energy source for your workout. 

The F4X Protocol
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What’s Included in the Program? 

Now that we’ve introduced you to who is behind the “magic”, we are going to show you what’s included in the program. For approximately $20.00, you receive a good amount of information. Not overwhelming, rather exactly what you need. This course includes one main book, and provides five more supplemental books that will help guide you. The Main Course:

The main course includes the primary book, The F4X Youth Enhancing Body System. It’s designed for both men and women of all ages.

It’s also very easy to begin. You’ll only need some basic items, such as dumbbells. If you happen to go to the gym often, then you’re more than ‘all set’.

The F4X Youth Enhancing Body System is a total of 101 pages. These pages guide you through the basics of the program, covering nutrition, the workout methods, workout schedules, exercise demonstrations, and a 3 phased workout approach that can be done during any point in your training.

Phases of the Workout: 

F4X Lean Workout:

Dubbed: “Your 20-Minute Belly Fat Blow Torch“. This is considered the beginner level of the program where you are expected to work out a mere 90 minutes per week. That’s right, folks; I said just 90 minutes per week. The 90 minutes is sliced into three 30 minute sections. This is where training naturally begins, helping your body prepare for the next level.

F4X Shape Workout:

This can be referred to as the next phase or level on up. Though it’s only minorly different from the beginner phase, it helps you continue to sculpt your body and add more muscle. Combining the current phase and the previous phase provides you ample ability to easily move forward into the next phase. The physiques of Batman and Cat woman would easily fall into this phase. If you are already in shape, it’s possible to begin the program right within the Shape Workout.

F4X Build Workout:

This phase is the perfect ‘level’ for those who are ready to add a significant amount of muscle to their body, giving them the natural bodybuilder look rather than a stereotypically “bulky” look. Compare Superman to the Hulk; Superman is within the natural muscle look whereas the Hulk is big and “bulky”. 

This is the three basic phases of the program. Though it is not the “end all, be all”. The advanced training is an additional workout based on the bodybuilding legend Danny Padilla and outlines how you can gain some intense muscle. 

Women, consider this: 

Do not fear that you will become large and bulky. The program is not intended for that, and it would ultimately take way more extreme training to gain those results anyway. The program assists you with building attractive, toned, and youthful physiques as well as helping you perform at your absolute best.

Here's and Idea of what the Workouts Are Like? 

A basic workout outline excerpted from the Lean Phase is provided below. It is only fair that I provide you with some decent knowledge of what it will be like during the programs workouts. 

Lean Phase Sample Workout:

Refer to the F4X method and perform the following:

  • 1. Squats (barbell or dumbell)
  • 2. Bench Press (flat or incline)
  • 3. Bent-over Rows (reverse grip)
  • 4. Upright Rows (dumbbell) 

These easy workouts are designed to target specific muscle groups, working and training them within only 30 minutes, giving you the best possible combination of workout. The protocol designed by F4X is what truly aims head on for the most effective and toning workouts within the shortest time. A lot of people believe that hours in the gym is what’s needed to burn calories, reduce fat, build muscle, and achieve a great body. This is not true.

What Are the Other Five Books?

Steve and Becky encourage you to live well and take care of yourself. There are five supplemental books and reports included with the program that are specifically designed to aid you in becoming healthy and fit, feeling and looking good, as well as being happy. They are listed and described below:

The Free Bonus Guides: Helping You Get on the Right Track 

Old School New Body bonus guides
Guide 1: F4X Quick Start:

This mini-book gets down to business—shifts right to the nitty gritty. It helps you get started in your training with minimal time, includes workout sheets, and describes your FX4 method in clear detail. Straightforward and simplified; this handy booklet allows you to begin right away by a simple flip of the page.

Fitness Secrets Revealed: Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets:

This compact booklet reveals the most underrated and unknown facts about the food you consume. This booklet will help you make the right choices as well as take steps forward to eating healthily and burning fats by doing so. It also covers the topic of alcohol and it’s effects on you, your well being, and your fitness.

Fitness Secrets Revealed: Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets:

This booklet focuses on tips and strategies that will help you achieve that lean, healthy, and attractive physique. It’s completely packed with ‘secrets’ that will lead you to a more youthful appearance and happier lifestyle. 

Fitness Secrets Revealed: Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets:

Sex is a driving force in animals and humans alike. But when we allow ourselves to subsist in a body in disrepair, sex is often impaired. Is this you? This guide was written to help individuals achieve a sexier disposition.

Fitness Secrets Revealed: Ultimate and Healthy Happiness Secrets:

The book goes in-depth about self-gained happiness and an ultimately improved life. Happiness is your choice and this book helps you realize and take advantage of that. You will see how to interpret the world in a positive and joyus way because you chose to do so. If you want to be happy, you can—just do it!

Those who purchase the program also gain access to $175 worth of interviews and audio from John Rowley. Rowley is a well known motivationalist who is an expert within his industry and has extensive knowledge about health and fitness. There is hours of inspirational audio that will help you stay on track. 

Pros And Cons

These lists will describe some basic pros and cons of the program; what I like best and what I think could be improved.

The Pros:

  • You will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive program for only $20

  • The program contains fun and easy workouts.

  • Efficient workouts that require minimal equipment.

  • The program is a time saver, with only 30-40 minutes per session.

  • The book reads well,is organized, and easy to follow.

  • The workouts are designed for both men and women.

  • The workouts are truly effective.

  • The 3 Phase system provides you an opportunity to grow with the program.

  • The program’s content is good, if not better than most higher priced programs.

  • There is a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Cons:

  • Unfortunately, the only way to view the system is via a PDF downloaded. There is no physical product, which can understably be a downer for those who prefer a hard copy or DVD.

  • There are no videos that provide visual instruction. This can be tough for visual learners. Though the pictures can properly demonstrate the exercise, a video demonstration would be a great feature.

  • Though Steve and Becky give great nutritional advice, tips, and even sample meal plans... a more diverse or adjustable eating plan could prove to be the most efficient since eating “right” is an elusive subject for many people. 

You Can Benefit From Old School New Body, and Here’s How: 

The benefits are exceedingly great and long-lasting. This isn’t simply thrown together books of ideas. It is a specially designed program of which’s information is properly delivered. It helps motivate you to stick to the plan, dedicate the time and effort, and essentially lead you to achieve real results! 

The program is easily readable and comprehensible, simple and forward. Just choose your goal and follow the plans suggested. An attractive, fit, and youthful appearance is completely attainable if you truly commit yourself.

The Bottom Line: 

Thank you for reading my review for Old School New Body. It was a long read, but I’m sure you’re much more confident in your perspective! All in all, I truly believe this is a solid and efficient program that will truly help you in achieving a fit, healthy, and happy lifestyle. 
It’s an easy to follow method that really motivates its readers of any age or gender to truly burn fat and build lean muscle—to achieve that attractive and youthful physique. Plus, it only costs a fraction of what similar programs do!

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